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Artworks referenced in Colville's People

Part I: Colville's People           Part II: Rousseau's Jungle           Part III: Tintypes
Poem              Inspiration
retrospectiveAlex Colville: Retrospective
two boys playingAlex Colville: Two Boys Playing
children in treeAlex Colville: Children in Tree
child & dogAlex Colville: Child and Dog, 1952
labour of the months:    septemberAlex Colville: Labour of the Months: September
child skippingAlex Colville: Child Skipping
augustAlex Colville: August
may dayAlex Colville: May Day
couple on beachAlex Colville: Couple on Beach, 1957
skaterAlex Colville: Skater
woman, man & boatAlex Colville: Woman, Man, and Boat, 1952
to prince edward islandAlex Colville: To Prince Edward Island
june noonAlex Colville: June Noon
headstandAlex Colville: Headstand, 1982   Nudity
nude & dummyAlex Colville: Nude and Dummy
woman carrying canoeAlex Colville: Woman Carrying Canoe, 1972
floating womanAlex Colville: Floating Woman
swimmer & sunAlex Colville: Swimmer and Sun
morningAlex Colville: Morning
sleeperAlex Colville: Sleeper
woman in bathtubAlex Colville: Woman in Bathtub, 1973   Nudity
summer in townAlex Colville: Summer in Town
milk truckAlex Colville: Milk Truck
main streetAlex Colville: Main Street
man on verandahAlex Colville: Man on Verandah
looking upAlex Colville: Looking Up
mr. wood in aprilAlex Colville: Mr. Wood in April
in the woodsAlex Colville: In the Woods
target pistol & manAlex Colville: Target Pistol and Man
church & horseAlex Colville: Church and Horse, 1964
road workAlex Colville: Road Work
moon & cowAlex Colville: Moon and Cow
crowsAlex Colville: Seven Crows

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