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Artworks referenced in Colville's People

Part I: Colville's People           Part II: Rousseau's Jungle           Part III: Tintypes
Poem              Inspiration
overheard in a studio 
duncan street studio 
canvas women 
cave painting 
gritfrom a painting by Holly Briesmaster
looking for emily carr 
birthJudy Chicago: The Birth Project
stream in the forestGustave Courbet: Stream in the Forest
irisEric Freifeld: Iris
old houseEric Freifeld: Old House
roses are redEric Freifeld: Roses are Red
four boysDennis Geden: Four Boys
masksfrom paintings by Philip Guston
homage to keith haring    1958-1990 
migratory flightLawren Harris: Migratory Flight
gershon iskowitz retrospective 
blurred buffaloMilton Jewell: Blurred Buffalo
untitled drawingfrom a drawing by Milton Jewell
green womanPaula Latcham: Green Woman
blue womanPaula Latcham: Blue Woman
yellow womanPaula Latcham: Yellow Woman
annie's worldMerike Lugus: Annie's World
candle    coffin    eagle    cloudfrom paintings by René Magritte
ceci n'est pas une pipefrom paintings by René Magritte
the beautiful truthsRené Magritte: The Beautiful Truths
why is a landscape?Mary Mckenzie: What is a Landscape?
i is for island ferryAlan Moak: I is for Island Ferry
u is for umbrellaAlan Moak: U is for Umbrella
mooresfrom sculptures by Henry Moore
the lynxChristopher Pratt: The Lynx, 1965
me & brideChristopher Pratt: Me and Bride
rousseau's junglefrom paintings by Henri Rousseau
graffitiBernard Safran: Graffiti
plaster peoplefrom installations by George Segal
seated figureElizabeth Williamson: Seated Figure
helgafrom a series of paintings by Andrew Wyeth
wind from the seaAndrew Wyeth: Wind from the Sea
sunset dancersCecil Youngfox: Sunset Dancers